About Ekillib Services, LLC

We began our services in July 2015. Most of the work is done with Family, We have reliable team members who help out also.

We have learned much of what we know from working in the field performing remodeling and commercial cleaning for over 20 years Janitorial,painting and many other services.

Lots of hands on experience has given us a good education on how to clean and fix most problems that might arise with a customers location.

Learn About Our Journey


Starting to Service New Areas

We are servicing the Palm Coast, Saint Augustine, Deltona, Orange City and Lakemary Florida areas. Plus our new web site is live

Start Servicing New Clients

We picked up a beach side Condo complex common areas and resident and guest access areas. We also started cleaning a medical office and disinfect surfaces to keep visitors and staff safe.


Covid 19 Effects Moving Forward

After the new name change we had to like millions of other businesses put some things on hold while we worked to stay healthy and safe for us and our customers.

Ekillib Services, LLC

Beyond Just Service name is changed to Ekillib Services, LLC


Giving Back

We dedicated time to develope a fund raising crypto currency to help raise money to donate to kidney disease research, heart disease, cancer and to donate to a local childrens home..

Launched Our Company

Launched our company on 01 Jan 2015

Before this date we worked as sub contractors then formed Beyond Just Service,LLC worked under this name for 5 years.